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PostSubject: Bloodlıne   Sat Aug 02, 2008 7:47 pm

(Blood Warriors) a Kekkai Genkai that enables the user to, after bitting\cutt him\herself and bleed, to draw out and manipulate to his\her will the blood that bleeds out of the wound and use it for fighting purpuses, make swords, shuriken, kunais and other weapons out of it, also the blood after being detached can move either on it's own or be controled by the user, can act as an kage bushin an even do some jutsu while being detached from the body, after being used and if intact it can return to the body. The Ketsueki Tsuwamono due to their extensive usage of blood their bodys had to evolve to keep them alive despite their large use of their own blood, so this blood limits as the ability of high-regeneration process,this makes them very dangerous in battle and a hard target to kill, the strongest members of this clan have reached such control over their blood limit that they can draw out blood directly through the skin and pours, without having to cut themselves.
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