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 Poison Manipulation

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PostSubject: Poison Manipulation   Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:57 pm

This clan is a clan that uses poison jutsu and weapons in everything.This clan was originated from the gusty winds village and have been banished cause of their sadistic ways.

Poison Jutsu


- Poison Contruction Knowledge
The basic knowledge on how to create different poisons, to be able to create poisons with ingredients from plants and such and also from molding chakra | Academy | Passive

- Poison Protection
The user can by creating a thin, but protective, layer of chakra to withstand poison damage, only poison though, does not protect against any kind of corroding acid. If the user creates a technique involving to spit poison at an opponent then the user can create the layer of protecting chakra inside the mouth to not be affected by the poison. Can only protect organs or the inside of the user, not the skin | Chakra - 10 | Academy


- Poison Element; Rain of Glue [Dokuton; Secchakuzai no Kouu]
A simple jutsu that converts a small amount of chakra into the poison element which then seeds the clouds. The poison isn't enough to make the rain dangerous, but it does give the rain an adhesive property that makes moving difficult. | Chakra- 30 | Advanced Genin | Must be raining. The adhesive rain stops in three posts and is washed away after two posts worth of raining.

- Poison Element; Glue Leech
The user takes water or a poisonus plant in their mouth and chews it down, it becomes a thick liquid, almost like glue. The user then spits it at the enemy, when hit the glueish poison puts itself unto the enemy and like a leech it starts to drain the enemy of chakra. Can spit 3 times. The leech is easily taken of. If the leech eats enough chakra it will explode because it gets too much. The leech eats chakra through cloths also | Chakra - 15 | Chakra Damage - 1 per post per glue leech | Damage - 5 if the leech explodes | Genin | Must know Poison Protection | Leech explodes after 2 posts

- Poison Element; Disease Spear
The user creates the nescesary handseal and focuses a spear into their hand of the surrounding water, by molding chakra into the spear it becomes purple and gives of a bad odor. When it hits the enemy it will be splash into the enemy and gives the enemy loss of smelling. It also gives an irritating cough and sucks unto the skin of the enemy | Chakra - 10 | Damage - 5 per post | Genin | Poison damage lasts 4 posts | Must jump into a water source (like a lake) or have a bottle with water to wash it off | Must be raining

- Poison Element; Haze of Disease
The user focuses into the rain and creates the handseals needed, the rain will become hazardous and gives burnmarks when hit. The rain gives an irritating cough to the enemy, the radius of rain affected depends on how much chakra the user puts in, the area is 5x5 meters and it goes up with 5 meters more chakra is put in | Chakra - 10(inc3) | Damage - 5 per post | Genin | Must be raining | Lasts 2 posts(inc3)


- Poison Element; Armor of Poison
By focusing chakra into the pores of oneself the user can create a layer of poison around the user. The poison can be penetrated by anything, but when attacked by any taijutsu attack the foe will be damaged as this poison fetches itself on an enemies pores for awhile. This "armor" of poison also protects the user against any kind of poison rendering them immune against any other poison attack. The poison can be blowed away with wind jutsu but will reappear out of the users pores shortly after | Chakra - 15 per post | Damage - 10 for the enemy to hit the user and 5 per post after | Chuunin | Protects against any poison below the users rank | Must know Poison Protection | Poison damage lasts 3 posts

- Poison Element; Poison Clone
Just like the Armor of Poison the user releases a poisonuss chakra out of his or hers pores, but this time the layer of poison fetches around the user as a template and then floats away from the user. This would become a perfect clone of the user, except it would be made out of gas. The clone is very easily destroyed and vaporizes into the air very quickly. If the enemy would hit the clone it would fetch to the foes pores but then vanish because of the wind blow | Chakra - 30 per clone | Damage - 15 if the enemy hit the clone and 5 per post after | Chuunin | Must know Armor of Poison | Is very weak against wind jutsu | Clone lasts 4 posts | Poison damage lasts 4 posts | Poison Clone has 4 in agility

- Poison Element; Rain of Decay [Doton; Gensui no Kouu]
After performing a few hand-seals, the user converts a large amount of his or her chakra into the poison element and seeds the clouds. The poison chakra is not capable of hurting people, but instead is transformes the rain into a powerful oxidizing agent. This rain slowly corrodes and rusts most metals, destroying it over time (four posts for most things). Unfortunately, the rain only effects metals that it comes into direct contact with. | Chakra- 50 | Chuunin | Must be raining | Effect starts next post and lasts for 5 posts.

- Poison Element; Rain of Corruption
As this rains starts the land and ground will start to corrupt the enemy, the ground will become as a swamp because of this poisoned rain. The cloths will strain themselves hard against the enemy, stangling him or her slowly. This rain leaves a stench to remember, everything that it comes in touch with it start to rot, except animals or humans. But other organisms such as plants, trees and water. But because this is such an instant change in nature the nature will turn back to normal after a while | Chakra - 20 | Damage - 30 | Chuunin | Must be raining | The swamp gives -1 agility to user and opponent | Rain lasts 3 posts | Swamp and rot effect disappears after 3 posts after the rain


- Poison Element; Poison Explosion Clone
By creating a clone exactly as the Poison Clone the user can utilize it to focus all poison into the middle of it, creating a liquid form which floats inside the Poison Clone. This liquid is extremely hazardous and can be blown up on will by the user, this liquid burns through clothes and leaves burn marks. As the clones vessel is only gas it will vaporize just as the normal Poison Clone will after some time, and if a wind jutsu is shot at it it will make the Clone explode automaticly, it will also explode if the enemy choose to attack the clone with taijutsu | Chakra - 50 | Damage - 50 explotion, 25 per post | ANBU | Must know Poison Clone | Poison damage lasts 2 posts | Clone lasts 3 posts | Only one clone at a time | Clone has 6 in Agility

- Poison Element; Rain of Pain [Dokuton; Kutsuu no Kouu]
A powerful ninjutsu that seeds the clouds with poison elemental chakra. The poison chakra infuses the rain, turning it into a weak acid. It affects any skin it comes into contact with by first burning it and turning red. Prolonged exposure to the rain may cause blisters or even bleeding. | Chakra- 70 | Damage - 20 (Every Turn) | ANBU | Must be raining | Effect takes place next post and lasts 7 posts

- Poison Element; Orb of Chaos
The user focuses a point in the rain which becomes a deadly gas emitting poison to the rain drops around it, the rain drops start to rotate around the "orb" in a radius of 5 meters. As the rain becomes poisoned it starts to rotate closer and closer into the "orb". When the "orb" is filled with every poisoned rain drop it will explode shooting 2 disease spears in 4 directions. The "orb" can easily be destroyed by a wind jutsu | Chakra - 50 | Damage - 5 per post if hit by a rain drop, 10 for direct hit by a Disease Spear and 5 per post for every Disease Spear that hits | ANBU | Must be raining | Must know Rotating Rain and Disease Spear | Takes 2 posts to explode | Poison damage lasts 5 posts

- Poison Element; Rain of Chaos
The user focuses into the rain and can transform a series of rain drops into Disease Spears, these can't pierce or anything but becomes hardened by the poison and on impact they deal damage and the water of the spear pours down on the enemy and fetches on him or her and deals poisons them | Chakra - 15 per spear | Damage - 15 per direct hit, 5 per post (even if hit by more than 1 spear) | ANBU | Must be raining | Poison damage lasts 5 posts | Must know Disease Spear


- Poison Element; Acid Rain [Dokuton; Ensan no Kouu]
A powerful ninjutsu that laces the clouds with a large amount of poison elemental chakra to change the structure of the rain. The end result is a storm that does not rain water, but instead rains a powerful acid that can eat through most materials. Unfortunately, skin is not one of those materials. Instead of instantly eating through, it causes skin to instantly blister and slowly dissolve in a most painful way. This jutsu is, in fact, considered highly inhumane and dangerous and is thus forbidden from use in combat. | Chakra- 200 | Damage- 50 (Every Post) | Jounin Kinjutsu | Must be raining | Effect lasts 6 posts.

- Poison Element; Deadly Hands
By opening the pores into the hands the user can create poison like knuckles, the knuckles would be completely out of gas but a very powerful aid. When the user hits someone with the knuckles the poison inhabits the entrance to the enemies pores, these are very easily washed off with water but until then the poison will be very painful | Chakra - 75 for each hand | Damage - Str+15 | Poison Damage - 5 per post (even if hit more than 1 time) | Jounin | Lasts 5 posts | Poison damage lasts 5 posts

- Poison Element; Acid Spit
Just like the Glue Leech the user chews on a substance and molds chakra into the substance making it poisonus, and also creating a small barrier in the mouth so that the poison won't effect the user. The main difference is that the user is making the substance in the mouth into a burning acid. The air the acid gives off can make the user cry because of the strength of it and also if the user does one step wrong he could end burning a hole in his mouth. When the preperations is finished the user can spit the acid against the enemy, the acid can burn holes in cloths and make the skin of the enemy boil if hit on bare skin | Chakra - 125 | Damage - 50 per spit | Jounin | Can spit 3 times | Must know Glue Leech | Takes one post to prepare the poison in the mouth

- Poison Element; Parasite Gas
The user opens the pores in the palms and can leave a gas cloud somewhere, to be used as a trap or to surround the enemy in close combat. The poison cloud created can be blown away with strong winds. The poison is inhabited by parasites, when breathed they will travel into the lungs of the opponent and create a unbarable coughing, a very painful one. But the parasites is coughed out very fast also | Chakra - 70 | Damage - 30 per post | Jounin | Must know Deadly Hands | Poison damage lasts 3 posts | The gas lasts 5 posts


Poison Element; Rotten Poison Explosion Clone
By using the knowledge of the Poison Clone and the Poison Explotion Clone the user can create yet another clone. But this time focusing the rain into a small area and at the same time making a poison replica of the user move into the area where the focused rain is. When the poison replica enters the area the plants or ground below will enter into the gas clone and compress the gas into the middle. This creates a large amount of boiling poisoned liquid inside the clone, which stench is so vast that it smells outside the Clone, a rotten stench. The user can also make the clone explode on command creating a huge explosion | Chakra - 200 | Damage - 150 for explotion, 25 per post| S-rank Kinjutsu | Must know Poison Explosion Clone | Must be raining | Poison damage lasts 4 posts | Clone have 8 in agility | Only one clone at a time | Very vurnable to fire | Will explode if anything hits it

- Poison Element; Rain of Death [Dokuton; Shikyo no Kouu]
The most feared Kinjutsu in the history of any village, this is given credit for the Hidden Rain village's current agricultural and economic problems in addition to the death of thousands. This jutsu converts a large amount of chakra into a vast poison mist that makes its way into the upper atmosphere. Once there, it forms a heavy cloud that soon begins raining a deadly poison. The poison itself can create boils and burns on whomever it touches, but the fumes from the poison are the true threat. Not only does it kill most plants almost instantly, but it also effects the human body, causing sickness and numbness. | Chakra- 100 (Per 2 Posts) | Damage- 75 (Every Post) | S-Rank Kinjutsu
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Poison Manipulation
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