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 (mystic swordsman)

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PostSubject: (mystic swordsman)   Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:34 pm

This clan has the ability to fuse with wepons each warrior n the clan has a wepon that has elemental power

stage1 the user fuses with thare wepon and thay grow claws and gain all the power of the wepon

stage2 the user grows spikes on thare arms and legs as thare ninjutsu attacks power is increses

stage 3 the users skin turns the coloure of thare element and the user can mantipul thare main element

final stage the user is covered in marks that look like the curse mark that is the oposit coloure of thare element as the user gains high ninjutsu power and high chakra increse

hiden stage the user is surounded by a aura the same coloure as element
and thare soul is destroyed slowly if the user dose this form longer than 15 posts thay will die the good thing is that thay have the ninjutsu power of a joinin and if the user is a joinin then the nin powe of a kage and thare enduramce will increse so thay can endure the strongest attack and not flinch thay willtake alot of damage still

disatvantage it takes a vary vary vary vary long time to get to the next stage of this clan and when the user goes back to normal form thay will fell alot of pain
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PostSubject: Re: (mystic swordsman)   Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:39 pm


My Shiroi Byakugan


My stage 2:

My stage 3:

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(mystic swordsman)
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